Late greetings on International Women’s Day – Made in Dagenham

I know, I know, International Women’s Day was three days ago… Let’s consider we’re still in the mood for the after-party, in which we’d obviously watch Made in Dagenham. It is an easy-to-watch piece which pictures the beginning of Ford sewing machinists strike of 1968.

Made in Dagenham captures incredibly recent issue – struggle for equal pay for women workers in Ford assembly plant. Perhaps it didn’t happen exactly this way, but Nigel Cole manages to put it as quite an enjoyable drama.

Shot in the best aesthetics of bright and pastel tones and trendy looks of the 60’s, this film is led by the wonderful Sally Hawkins. She plays the initiator of the strike, which turns out in a real feminist movement.

Learning from the best strike portraitists such as Eisenstein, Cole tries to explore the strike inside-out. He puts on screen all the possible difficulties, that Hawkins’ lead struggle for women’s rights has to affront. Personal and corporative issues among others.

Made in Dagenham is a witty drama, with attractive heroines, very british tempered lines of script, yet the univocal heading towards the happy end made it another product, rolled off another assembly line as it’s described by Christopher Lloyd from Sarasota Herald Tribune. And the film carries some rather ironic details for such a feministic film – bragging about clothes, and on top of that – the film’s working title – We Want Sex.

Made in Dagenham on MUBI


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