Let’s talk about Xavier Dolan: Part 2 – Heartbeats


Just one year after the success of his first feature, Xavier Dolan proves well that I Killed my Mother wasn’t any accident or beginner’s luck. Heartbeats (Les Amours imaginaires) was very well received in numerous film festivals, all drenched in awe for this young genious.

In Heartbeats, Xavier Dolan plays/directs  a grown-up boy. He’s on his own now, and he’s just about to discover what love is. Pity, that he and his best friend share the same taste for guys. And as true friends, they fall for one guy.

It will be no lie, that this feature is more elaborated and less difficult to watch. Dolan knows that pure drama risks to become silly, so he adds the sarcasm to achieve real drama. He turns an innocent affection into frantic competition between two friends, not sparing them from humiliation and ridiculousness. Once again inspiring from François Truffaut, this film is another proof that ménage à trois is not a working relationship option.

Visually this is nothing but an eye-candy. Juicy colors, good looking people in a beautiful environment. Besides, Dolan has fully mastered the art of slow-motion. Occurring numerous times, it spares lines of dialogues, allowing to take a look into the minds of characters. And basically this is it – this is the recipe of his or any other filmmaker’s success: capability to put his ideas, emotions on the big screen as precisely as possible.

So, after watching these two pictures, I think I won’t be the only one who awaits the release of Dolan’s next feature film Laurence Anyways, which hopefully will be shot this summer to come out in 2012.

Heartbeats on MUBI


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One Response to Let’s talk about Xavier Dolan: Part 2 – Heartbeats

  1. Dainis Gžibovskis saka:

    Dolans ir ģenijs – ar viņa daiļradi iepazinos tikai šogad, bet esmu sajūsmā – tā filmēšanas tehnika ir māksla, ne filma. Scenārijs un aktieri pārliecinoši, neskatoties, ka viņa filmu budžets vienmēr ir ārkārtīgi niecīgs…


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