Gregg Araki’s Kaboom. You will not know what hit you.

Sex, drugs and could be more rock’n’roll. Watching Gregg Araki’s latest movie Kaboom, makes you wonder under what drugs did he do it. Later on, you start to think, whether it’s you, who’s on something. Full of fluorescent colours, caramel candy-like ambiences and a story so labyrinthine, that it could even teach Hitchcock a thing or two. Pleasant and absorbing, as drugs are meant to be.

The hallucinogenic candy Kaboom introduces you to a bunch of hipsters, experiencing their newly gained sexual (super)powers.

Smith is sweet eighteen and he is bothered by two things: his re-occurring surreal dream and inability to decide, whether he prefers boys or girls. In the meantime he goes for both. His best friend Stella, is like his half-missing conscience, who is hyper sarcastic, thus speaks the truth.

The confusion starts after a seemingly nice and mind-blowing party, which each of the characters end in bed with two lovely, though a bit nymphomaniac ladies. Smith sees the people from his dream in person, and hallucination-like events keep happening, despite he hasn’t touched any drugs in days.

As you will see, this is not a heartbreaking and breathtaking drama with exquisite cinematography. (though the capability to use so many f-words is admirable) Kaboom is more of a B series surrealist/sci-fi picture, mocking of its own weak points and adding some comic-like effects. Mystical to the absurd, not shy to be vulgar, though witty. And with a cinematographic soul, among other things.

Kaboom on IMDb


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